Middle School Ministry



Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program which provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.


Game Over

Our main theme for next year is "Game Over" which covers topics that many tweens have questions on about heaven, hell, and purgatory. Please check out the syllabus and attend the parent meetings so that we can address all of your questions. 

Street Lights

Our small group theme for next year is "Street Lights" which covers social media use and building strong friendships. Please check out the syllabus and attend the parent meetings so that we can address all of your questions. 

Generation Z is unlike any generation before, so the Church’s embrace of this generation must include innovative approaches to youth ministry. Life Teen exists to empower youth ministers and parishes to evangelize teens. We face the reality that young people are becoming less religious, less likely to claim a religious identity, and no longer being raised within a Christian worldview. This is why we take an entirely new approach to talking about religion and our Catholic faith with middle school youth. 

We have explicitly created the Edge Semester Planning Guide for the middle school youth of this generation. The Semester Planning Guide will be full of Catholic teaching, doctrine, devotions, and practices. Yet, it will have a greater focus on the foundations of our faith, presented in a way that tackles the big questions this generation is asking.

This Edge Semester Planning Guide presents the teachings of the Catholic Church relating to death and eternal life in a way that is authentic, hopeful, and encouraging of living a full, holy life. Game Over is a series about death and also life. Since death is a vast and often intimidating topic, middle school youth will be encouraged and empowered by their role in determining their eternal life. Presented through the lens of video games to provide a sense of levity and joy, the six Edge Nights in Game Over present the Catholic teachings on death and dying in an approachable and impactful way for middle school youth.

What is EDGE?

EDGE is a middle school youth ministry program that aims to integrate faith, fun, prayer, community, liturgy, and service. Click the box on the right for a link to a YouTube video recording of a training held here at Saint Mary's that will give you a better idea of what the program will entail.